Ann Storlie is a photographer currently based in NYC, originally hailing from Wisconsin. 

Most of her images are live music photography (concerts + festivals) and captures of Asia, as she previously lived in Shanghai as an English Teacher.

Live Music

Ann has 6 years of experience in music photography - ranging from small 100+ cap venues to a 45,000 cap festival in Chicago's Grant Park. She specializes in capturing the feeling of live music, as is available for hire. Her clients are below:


  • Sueños Music Festival 2022 (Official Media Team)  
  • Rock USA 2017   
  • Northern Invasion 2017


  • Gro Creative
  • Burwood Media

Publications:                                                            -v13 Media                                                             -Melodic Magazine 


She first visited China in 2016 on a college trip and fell in love with the country. When she graduated from college in May 2018, she got a job as an English Teacher and moved to Shanghai in September.

When she told her friends and family that she would be moving to Asia, many of them pictured the continent as a smoggy and unpleasant place to live. 

It is her goal as a photographer to change not only her friends and family's mind about the beauty of Asia, but the rest of the world's mind as well. 



instagram: @ast_lie

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